8 Crazy AI Tools That You Should Not Miss in 2024

8 Crazy AI Tools That You Should Not Miss in 2024

8 Crazy AI Tools: If you skip learning AI, you’ll fall behind. It’s crucial for the future. These 6 websites & 2 apps I’ll discuss are game-changers. Norton Genie’s AI helps spot scams in texts and links, a must for online safety.

8 Crazy AI Tools That You Should Use in 2024

  1. Norton Genie: Protects against scams by analyzing text or links.
  2. Claudio AI: Efficiently analyzes large documents, perfect for up-to-date information.
  3. OnePlus AI Studio: A music and video creation tool, simplifying music-making and video creation.
  4. Microsoft Designer: Offers a powerful image tool for unlimited creativity, completely free.
  5. GPT Zero: Distinguishes between AI and human-written content, providing details on probability and analysis.
  6. Age Extrapolator: Predicts your appearance in the future, adding a fun element to the list.

For daily use, consider these apps:

  1. Perplexity: A ChatGPT 4-powered assistant in a small package.
  2. Microsoft Copilot: Comprehensive, offering image generation and ChatGPT 4’s capabilities, all for free.

AI Tools 2024 Quick Review

Claudio AI quickly analyzes large PDF documents, providing overviews instantly. OnePlus AI Studio crafts music and videos just through text requests. Amazing for non-musicians!

Microsoft Designer generates images based on your imagination, a powerful and free tool. GPT Zero differentiates human-written and AI-generated content, providing details and probabilities.

Curious about your future look? Try the age extrapolation tool—it’s fun! Now, onto two essential apps: Perplexity and Microsoft Copilot. Both powered by GPT-4, they offer incredible AI assistance.

Most Usable AI tools

Check out this table featuring different AI tools. Each tool does something special to make things easier. Grammarly helps fix writing, Canva makes cool designs, ChatGPT writes like a person, Google Assistant listens to your voice, and IBM Watson helps understand data. It shows what they do and where they work best, making it simple to see how they can help you out.

AI ToolFeaturesUse CasesPlatforms
GrammarlyCorrects spelling and grammar etc.Writing, emails, proofreadingWeb, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
CanvaCreates designs with templates and graphicsSocial media posts, presentations, logosWeb, iOS, Android
ChatGPTGenerates human-like text and aids in writingContent generation, conversation supportWeb, API
Google AssistantVoice-controlled assistance and smart controlsAnswering questions, home automationAndroid, iOS, Google Home
IBM WatsonData analysis, insights, and natural language understandingData analytics, AI applicationsCloud-based, APIs
8 Crazy AI Tools in 2024

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Embrace AI as a friend, not a foe. These tools can simplify life immensely. Time will reveal the impact AI has on jobs. Make friends with AI to thrive.

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