Become High Paying Automation Engineer Using Python in 2024

Become High Paying Automation Engineer Using Python in 2024: Moving to automation is very difficult. I remember when I was a manual tester with almost 2.96 LP at the time. I wanted to move towards the automation role, and I saw one of my friends who was getting double of the salary as an automation engineer. But the problem was that I was from a non-IT background.

How to Become High Paying Automation Engineer Using Python

In 2024, Python isn’t just a programming language; it’s your ticket to a lucrative career as an Automation Engineer. This article is your guide to unlocking the power of Python, showing how mastering it can lead to high-paying opportunities in the world of automation.

Become High Paying Automation Engineer Using Python

The Barrier: Non-IT Background

Become High Paying Automation Engineer for Non IT Background: I have never touched the programming language. So, to move to the automation, we already know that we need a good knowledge of programming language.

We have to know the live projects and we have to know how to basically apply. And a proper job application is needed, So, I think this is where I was stuck, and to add to that, because when I was moving toward the automation, the institutes were charging almost 50k 30k for the simple course where I have to learn about programming language, API automation, and web automation. So, it was very difficult for me to jump into the automation at that time.

The Crucial Need for Programming Language Proficiency

So now, I have 12 plus years experience and I think Python is one of the most popular languages and one of the easiest languages. If you are a fresher, if you are a non-IT, or if you are a manual tester who’s thinking to jump into the automation.

Automation is the need of the hour and many companies. Right now, you see most of the projects that they are doing. They are converting their projects from manual to automation.

Overcoming Obstacles in Pursuing Automation

They are basically moving towards automation more. So, I know it is very difficult because many people have this doubt, “Python is an easy language, But I have a coding fear, how do I remove it?” I remember exactly how I have done it.

Python: The Key to Automation

How to remove coding fear is when you basically jump into it. It is like swimming, whenever I remember when I wanted to learn swimming. You cannot learn swimming by reading blog posts. So, exactly the same, you go step by step. The same thing, a process basically you have to follow.

Addressing the Fear of Coding

Only three methods basically work, which is choosing the programming language and following a proper roadmap, a roadmap of 3 months that I have created, which we have used in Python 1 1X and Python 0X, that exactly worked. I remember the testimonial of Nilum and other things who are basically successfully able to do the Python automation course.

Successful Strategies for Mastery

If you are looking for the high salary, job security, and good decent word, I think to move to the automation, Python is one of the easiest languages where you can start with. But the second point which is important is why you are not able to switch to automation is because you don’t do live projects.

That is one of the problems that I have seen where people don’t do live projects, they don’t add anything into their resume.

Critical Factors Hindering Transition

Third problem that I have seen mostly is after even if they do projects, they don’t add to their GitHub profiles, which is very, very important that you should add everything into your GitHub profile. So that you have more visibility, your resume is highlighted, and because lot of HRs, lot of technical people who are taking your interviews, they are going to see that.


Switching to automation isn’t easy, especially from a non-IT background like mine. Learning Python and tackling coding fears felt daunting. But gradually, like learning to swim, it became clearer. Sharing projects on GitHub boosted visibility.

Thanks for reading my journey at tehbe news. Remember, despite the challenges, diving into Python for automation can lead to an amazing career.

Can I switch to automation if I’m not from an IT background?

Answer: Yes, but it might be tricky. Moving to automation often needs programming skills and project experience. Courses can be expensive, making it hard for non-IT folks to start.

How important is learning Python for automation jobs?

Answer: Really important. Python is user-friendly and super popular in automation. Companies are shifting to automation, so Python skills are in high demand.

What problems do people face when moving to automation?

Answer: Fear of coding is a big one. Overcoming it needs hands-on practice, like learning to swim. Also, not having enough live project experience or showcasing it on platforms like GitHub can make the switch harder.

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