High Paying Degrees in 2024: LPU’s Educational Revolution in India

High Paying Degrees in 2024: LPU's Educational Revolution in India

High Paying Degrees in 2024: Do you still feel unemployment is increasing because of no jobs? Well, the World Economic Forum stated one in four MBAs, one in five engineers, and one in ten graduates in India are eligible for employment.

Aspiring Mind reports 80% of Indian engineers are totally unemployed. In other words, engineers aren’t eligible. Yet, when these Indian students go study engineering in the US, something amazing happens. 25% of them end up in Silicon Valley, the world’s largest IT hub. They find super successful careers.

High Paying Degrees in 2024 and LPU’s Educational Revolution

What’s taught extra in the US education system lacking in India? Aspiring Mind surveyed 36,000 IT engineers in 2019. They were tasked with developing software code. Shockingly, over 34,000 failed not because they lacked knowledge but because the test required out-of-the-box thinking. Real-life problems, not just lecture-based learning, were the challenges. Problem-solving, decision-making, and creativity were missing.

Redefining Learning Techniques: Indian Scenario

Are Indian students using the wrong learning technique? If yes, what’s the solution? Some new institutions in India aim to bridge this education gap. They’re providing a diverse education system similar to the US, addressing the Indian system’s shortcomings. These revolutionary efforts aim to enhance learning.

Do soft skills matter in real life or is it a motivational propaganda? Tech Mahindra’s CEO, CP Gurnani, stated 94% of India’s graduates aren’t hired due to lacking soft skills. Market dynamics, especially with AI, prioritize communication, problem-solving, and leadership. Companies seek talent solving complex problems, beyond AI’s capabilities. India’s education system overlooks soft skills, focusing only on course-related teachings.

Escaping Unemployment: The Flight Abroad

Due to the same education system failure, 80% of degree-holding students in India are unemployed. A rising trend sees everyone, including close friends from school and college, seeking opportunities in Muslim countries or other places while in college.

High Paying Degrees in 2024: LPU's Educational Revolution in India

Foreign Education: The Sole Solution?

In my case, about 80% of people have gone abroad to study. Do foreign studies provide the only solution? It seems there’s no alternative to this problem while residing in India.

Transforming Indian Education: Recently, universities like LPU (Lovely Professional University) have emerged, aiming to mirror foreign educational experiences in India.

Flexibility in Education: LPU’s Answer to India’s Rigid System

How can universities like LPU offer a US-like education system while in India, given the vast difference between Indian and US education systems?
In India, rigid learning methods limit students, preventing them from pursuing diverse courses. For instance, a commerce student keen on psychology isn’t allowed to explore it, narrowing their development and passions, leading to limited perspectives.

Now, the question here is, how can universities like LPU, while living in India, give you an education system like the US? Because there is a difference between the land and sky in the education system of India and the US. 

Educational Constraints and Limited Exploration

Like for example, in India, in the education system, restrictive learning methods are prevalent. Because of which, students don’t get the chance to take flexible courses. Like for example, I myself am a commerce student. And if I am interested in psychology, then I am not at all allowed to pursue that.

Constricted Growth and Narrowed Horizons

As a result, students become a beggar without any overall development. Their goals become narrow, their passions become narrow. And they are not able to see things from a wider perspective. From where creativity actually comes out and problem solving can be done. And because of this, unfortunately, they are not able to develop social skills.

Flexibility in Course Choices and Holistic Growth

But in a country like the US, with the help of informational growth, they are also given the same attention to developing social skills. There, suppose if I take science as a major subject, then even then, I can simultaneously pursue languages, arts, sports, and other courses along with my degree as a minor course.

Meaning, all in all, we can say that, in comparison to India, the US education system has a lot of flexibility and is open-minded. So that people can pursue their choices. And they can develop overall as a human being. And this is also the reason why today, the US engineers get jobs in any company very easily. So that is why LPU is replicating the US education system in India? And if yes, then how? Well, to answer the first question, yes, this is their model. Inspired by the US system, LPU University, located in Jalandhar, Punjab, has designed all its courses in this way.

High Paying Degrees in 2024: LPU's Educational Revolution in India

LPU’s Emulation of US Education in India

This university gives you the opportunity to choose any minor subject of any other field along with a specific major subject. This university gives you the opportunity to choose any minor subject of any other field along with a specific major subject. This university gives you the opportunity to choose any minor subject of any other field along with a specific major subject.

Meaning, if you have taken admission for engineering, then along with that, you can learn photography and other courses as extra skills. In fact, from the first year itself, along with technical skills, soft skills, meaning communication skills are taught and prepared for the placement interviews in the last year. And for which, there is also a proper dedicated department.

Plus, there is also one-on-one interaction with the big experts of the industry. So that the students know what the demand of the industry is. And they can also take part in the process accordingly.

Unique Mentorship Opportunities

So that the students can prepare for placements. And from the beginning, they can work on their skills and refine them. And if any one of these students gives an exceptionally brilliant performance, then directly they are made to connect with the big industrialists for personal mentorship. Which is pretty unique in the education sector.

Dynamic Syllabus and Industry Alignment

Along with all this, there is one more thing which separates LPU from other universities. And that is their changing syllabus. Normally, in all the universities, the things that are being taught, are being taught, things just keep going the same way. But in this university, every year, according to the demand of the industry, with the help of industrial experts, the syllabus is redesigned and upgraded so that industries, where they will finally work, and the gap between education can be eliminated.

Expansive Campus and Alumni Achievements

Talking about art and sports, the LPU campus is so big that 30 Wankhede stadiums can easily fit here. Can you believe that? In this campus, every year, sports, theatre, and music-related events are hosted which help in the overall development of students.

In fact, you must have heard the name of Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra and bronze medalist Lovlina Borgohan, but do you know that they have also been alumni of this university?

Global Exposure and Diverse Interactions

Well, apart from this, if we talk about the diversity here, students get the opportunity to interact with students from more than 40 countries, which gives them a chance to team up with a multicultural environment and perform in a multi-cultural environment. Is given a chance to form.

Robust Placement Opportunities and Records

From above, if we talk about placements, as you entered the last year of your graduation, job placement drives of more than 2000 companies started in the campus of LPU. In this, big companies like foreign companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Samsung are also included.

LPU makes sure that every person passing out here walks out of the campus with a job. In fact, in 2023 LPU University had created a new record by placing 90% of their students. The highest packets in it were worth Rs 3 crore. Which brings us to the next question, which I am sure must have arisen in your mind too.

That if we want a bigger package, which degree should we take? Out of all the degrees available, which degree is best? For this, when we studied the trend of the last 5 years, we came to know that recently such a major revolution has come in the market, which has completely shaken the job market.

The Rise of AI and Career Opportunities

Actually, as we all know, in the last few years, many people’s jobs are at risk due to the advent of AI. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, AI could replace humans in approximately 85 million jobs by 2025.

But, there will be a need for manpower to develop and train AI. Is it? And this is the reason why the demand for machine learners and AI developers is going to increase in the coming years. And by 2032, the global AI job market is expected to reach 2745 billion dollars. Means, a good developer with practical knowledge is a quite promising career option. New Upcoming AI Technologies you should learn in 2024.

Ethical Challenges in AI Implementation

Now humanity is benefiting immensely from AI development. But, its misuse is also happening in very large quantities. For example, deep fake. By using it wrongly, people are trying to spread fake news and rumors by changing faces. And that is why a new wave of problems has been created which did not exist in the earlier times. And that is why to avoid everything, the demand for jobs like cyber security and ethical hacking to create a healthy environment on social media is also increasing by leaps and bounds. By identifying such unethical things, you will be able to control them.

Significance of Data-Driven Decision Making

Also, today data driven decisions are being taken on a large scale in fields ranging from finance to science and astronomy. Moreover, deriving the data and studying it, interpreting it in the right way and making future predictions based on it has become an important job which is done by data analysts. For example, data analysts present in any company study the financial data of their company and accordingly plan future goals and investments for the profit of the company.

Same is the case with the finance department of the company, marketing, sales, HR are in each department. So basically, taking good data driven decisions has become imminent now and it has literally become the backbone of every company. And in this way, job opportunities will be created for more than one lakh data analysts in India by 2025.

Uncovering Mysteries through Data Analysis

And you know what? Recently, data analysts are working on data to recapture Pluto’s data and present it in picture form. And you won’t believe it, the derived images are an image from a month that literally shows that a crab-like crustacean- looking species is thriving on the surface of Pluto. Now there is exactly no advanced alien civilization there . I have analyzed this in great detail and explained it in my video. I highly suggest you check out that video.


As we discussed, degree courses related to well paying jobs are available in LPU. Which is a government trusted university and is ranked third in the race of top universities. So do check out their website now and make yourself a better individual. Well, that’s all for today. If you like the article than share it with your friends and family members. See you next time, keep learning.

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