Is it worth Buying 4G Phones in 2024 – Or 5G is best?

Is it worth Buying 4G Phones in 2024 – Or 5G is best?

Buying 4G Phones in 2024 Or 5G is best: Friends, you know that now 5G has come to most of the places in India. Whether the speed is coming or not, that is a different thing. So, I will do a sting operation very soon because there are many places where it has been said that 5G has arrived. It is also written that 5G is coming, but the speed is not coming.

Buying 4G Phones in 2024 and 5G Implications

Now you know that whatever new devices are coming, smartphones are coming, all of them are coming with 5G. No new good mobile is coming with 4G now. So, the thing to think is that now these 4G devices will still be available in the offline market and will also be available online in support. Their rates are not decreasing; if there is no one to buy from them, then what will happen to them?

Role of Processor Manufacturers in the 5G Era

But I will not give the responsibility of this to any smartphone company. I will give the responsibility to this processor manufacturing company because the cheapest phone you will get with 5G will be from Mitech. The speed is also available where if you go to Delhi etc., then the speed is also there. There is no complaint in that; it means the company is now providing 5G at the cheapest price to everyone.

The Case for 4G Phones: Opportunity in Disguise

Mitech had 4G phones in all the markets which were very capable, but they do not possess the technology. It does not have 5G. So now what will happen to 4G phones, friends, here you have an opportunity to get a much better one at a cheap price.

Strategic Smartphone Purchase: 4G vs 5G

If you are thinking of buying a smartphone and you need best performance or the camera, then I would say friends, you can still buy a 4G device. It is a flagship phone. It has 4G and you can get it at a very cheap price.

Is it worth Buying 4G Phones in 2024 – Or 5G is best?

Future of 5G and Wi-Fi Compatibility

That when 5G has come, then home broadband or air fiber, all these things have also become very common. So in a few days, it will reach every house. So even if the device does not have 5G, you can use it through your Wi-Fi. If you have dual-band Wi-Fi which is normally all the phones have it, you will be able to enjoy the speed of 5G comfortably. So you will not face any problem.

Key Takeaways for Potential Phone Buyers

Mitech’s cheap 5G phones have only one better thing over them and that is 5G capability. If it is removed then the processor does not stand anywhere in front of a flagship 4G phone whose processor is very mid-range and very good. It is efficient; it is good.

As the year ends, this company will clear its stock and you can be a sensible person and buy these phones whose processor is very good, whose graphic performance is very good, whose camera is A1. Then you can buy such phones.

Technology Trends and Future Predictions

You will see that when 3G was introduced, 3G was becoming old, so many companies started giving it unlimited. Like there was a BSNL plan of Rs 999 which gave unlimited 3G for 90 days in many circles in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and maybe in many places in Rajasthan.

You should check, maybe the plan has changed but I am sure that in Odisha, maybe 1199 still has unlimited 3G. So when a technology was a little old, the company started giving unlimited. And still there is not much difference in speed.


I will write a separate article on 4G and 5G. I will tell you how the battle is going on but for now friends, this was my recommendation if you want to buy a new phone. What will happen to 4G phone when all phones become 5G? You also know this.

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