Top 10 New Technologies to Learn in 2024

We are back and today is a very important topic. We are looking ahead into 2024 and the Top 10 Technologies to learn going into a new year.

This is so important because I know our community is such big Learners and constantly looking to upskill.

Top 10 New Technologies to Learn in 2024

Where can I learn more? How? What should I be putting my focus to? And there’s nothing worse than putting your focus to something it’s not even in demand, it’s declining. Today You are reading site so welcome.

We are going to be focusing on today the top 10 Technologies you should be learning in 2024 if you want to be learning something that’s in demand.

Top 10 Technologies to Learn in 2024

10. Green Coating

All right, coming in at number 10 of these 10 new technologies to learn in 2024 is something called Green coating. This is a term that I was really introduced to a few years ago when I was working at IBM.

They had an entire sustainability section around this, and I found it really fascinating.

What is Green Coating?

I thought, ‘What is this green coating?’ I was picking some of their brains, for some of my friends who worked in that sector, and I said, ‘What exactly is this? How would you explain it to me?’

They said, ‘It’s there are so many ways within coding and building different applications that we can actually be tweaking just very slightly to save so much energy, so much power, and resources, and code in a more sustainable way.’

Skill and Mindset Shift

This is something that will really be taken into 2024 as one of the top technologies or skills to learn. This necessarily isn’t a specific skill but more so a way of thinking and how you are coding.

Implementation and Advantages

It will be really important and it will help you also to stand out. This is something that is so simple to start implementing. You can take a course online around green coding or sustainable coding or sustainable software, I should say, and apply it to your day job.

Professional Development

Just a little tip if this is of interest to you: it’s a great way to stand out when you’re going out for promotions or speaking to your manager.

You are taking the initiative to learn something new that you can bring into your day-to-day work and will help better the business.

9. Blockchain – Beyond Cryptocurrency

Today’s list of 10 new technologies to learn in 2024 number nine is Blockchain. Sometimes when I hear the word blockchain, unfortunately, it’s still closely tied to cryptocurrency or other technologies that experienced a quick rise and a sudden fall.

Although cryptocurrency might be doing pretty well right now—don’t hold me to that, I’m not certain—blockchain is something that PWC recently predicted to have vast business value. It’s predicted to raise the global economy by 1.76 trillion by 2023. That’s a huge number!

Importance and Potential

If this interests you or if you’ve dabbled a bit in it before, especially during the peak of writing smart contracts and learning everything about blockchain, you’re on a good trajectory.

If you’re not, there are plenty of courses available online where you can start learning and building on blockchain. These courses cover both the technical aspects and the business perspectives.

8. Virtual And Augmented Reality

Coming in at number eight is Virtual and Augmented Reality, two different things but I’m combining them in one because it’s kind of under the same sector. Now we see this with future technology.

I know our minds automatically go to how this is used when we think of gaming specifically or augmented reality. You know, that very popular game at one point where it was Pokemon.

Virtual And Augmented Reality Demand in 2024

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are going to continue to be so in demand in 2024. Honestly, I feel like these are technologies that are kind of under the radar as far as so many companies and businesses are working on implementing them, yet it’s very rarely showing up on these top technology lists.

Fun fact, Glassdoor says the average salary for an AR/VR developer is around 120,000 US Dollars, so it’s very good paying as well.

7. Full Stack Programmer

Coming in at number seven is Full Stack Programmer. I know sometimes we think about is full stack programming declining.

People are getting more niched, more specialized. You see it over and over again when it comes to one of the highest trending jobs. Companies are looking for it; it always ends up on this list, and it’s so true.

Technologies in Full Stack Development

What technology specifically are encompassed with full stack developer? Like what technology specifically should you be learning in 2024? So there are basically 2 technologies which are given below;

  1. Python: I think there’s two here, one definitely being Python. And I know you can come at me, Python, you either love or hate, but it is still very in demand. It is; you go on job postings and it’s Python they want.
  2. JavaScript: The other one being JavaScript. Now JavaScript, I feel like is not as sexy, if you want to say that, as it used to be. I know a few years ago it was all the rage, everyone was using it, but it is still very in demand and will continue to be in 2024.

6. Quantum Computing

Coming in at number six, it’s something that used to just live in science fiction movies, and we’re seeing more and more companies, especially companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft – larger tech companies to start with, but you know what happens, it always starts with the larger tech companies and then it trickles down.

What is this, you ask? It is quantum computing, and this is something that even a few years ago you would hear whispers of or a bit of talk about, but it wasn’t really mainstream.

  • Growing Significance: Although it’s not mainstream necessarily at this moment in time, we have seen so many articles come out in 2023. You know, IBM made some really big breakthroughs with Quantum Computing, and we’ve seen other companies do the same, that in 2024, Quantum Computing will be more in demand than it ever has been.
  • Industry Demand: As far as experts within Quantum Computing, and what I mean more in demand is companies already – the ones I listed are hiring at a very quick pace for these roles, for these expertise within Quantum Computing.
  • Endless Potential: Such a cool Quantum Computing is one of those things that just I always think about it, not because I’m an expert in it, but because I just find it fascinating as it continues to evolve.
  • Reflections on Quantum Computing: What it would mean for our world, what problems it will solve, what problems it will create. I don’t know, am I alone on this? Does anyone else find Quantum Computing completely fascinating? Leave in the comments.

5. Cyber Security

Coming in at number five is Cyber Security Experts. We add this in 5th number of this 10 technologies to learn in 2024 list. This is an area that companies will continue to hire for at a higher rate than probably ever.

The reality is, think about 2024, what’s to come? There’s a lot of really big elections coming up in 2024.

Now more than ever, AI is able to produce content, images, and videos that you cannot tell the difference if it is AI generated or if it actually is an event that happened.

So, with cyber security, they will play such an important role in the security systems for a lot of these elections coming up, for a lot of these big world events coming up.

We need experts in cyber security, not only on the technical side, the business side as well.

4. Data Scientist And Analyst

Coming in at number four, we had to include this on the list, which is Data Scientist and Data Analyst.

But for this example or this point, I want to highlight something. When I say data scientist or data analyst, well, let’s, you know what, scrap that, those rules are going to be into, but let’s talk about more so how everyone, whether you are a marketer, whether you are a developer, will need to have the knowledge or the ability to analyze data. That is something we will see more and more of going into 2024.

Universal Data Analysis Skills

Having an understanding of using different data analysis tools depending on what information you are looking to gain. Gone are the days where if you wanted to gain access or information about the data, whether you are running a campaign, whether you are learning how many people filled out a form or went to your website, you shouldn’t be relying on external team members or external people to help you with this.

Importance of Internal Data Literacy

Having an understanding of these technologies that are used is more important than ever when it comes to analyzing data. I’m not going to list any specific tools here because it really depends what role you’re in and what tools your company uses.

I would highly suggest taking a look into that and if your company isn’t using a tool to analyze data, take it upon yourself to go see what is out there and what you would want to implement.

3. DevOps – Bridging Development

Coming in at number three is DevOps. In the last couple of years, we’ve really seen a spike in growth with the demand for DevOps Specialists.

What exactly though is DevOps? I feel like it’s a term we hear a lot, we throw around a lot, but what is it? I’m not even Italian, but we got some Italian hands going on here.

Understanding DevOps

DevOps, you can think of as a methodology that is in software development. And so, essentially, it’s used as a set of practices and tools. It integrates and automates the work of software development and IT operations to improve and shorten the systems development life cycle.

There’s so many different areas of specialties within DevOps, and that’s what makes it really exciting. And why I wanted to include it on this list is because whether you are more interested in the tooling side of things, whether you’re more interested in the scripting side of things, there are very, there are so many roles under this umbrella.

DevOps Demand and Tie to AI

People who are able to have these skills with DevOps around unification and automating processes for a company will continue to be higher and higher in demand, especially as we closely tie AI to a lot of these processes.

2. AI Ethicist – Ethical AI Development

Coming in at number two is AI Ethicist and this is really interesting to me, this role and really what they do, what technologies they use, all of this under this umbrella.

What exactly does an AI ethicist do?

Well, for one thing, they keep your company that you are working at really grounded and held responsible for how we are using AI, building tools with generative AI, and what that looks like.

The ethical issues that come from AI are very complex, and that is why this role is continuing to be more in demand than ever.

Companies don’t want to be implementing these AI toolings or building these different models, only to find out that they are not that ethical. That would be, I mean, game over for a lot of these companies. And that’s why this role is becoming so in demand. I think this is really important to note.

AI ethicist Demand and Expertise

Here a report from DEOE that goes into what exactly an AI ethicist is, an AI bias, and something they note, which I think is really interesting, is around—you know, this role is required expertise in technology, compliance, philosophy, psychology, you get the point, everything in between as well, which sounds great, but not one person can fill this role or fill it properly.

I think DEOE is a good point on pointing out that companies should take a team approach to AI ethics versus just hiring one individual, which you can’t find someone, it would be very difficult, who could cover all of those.

Opportunities in AI Ethicist

If you are interested in AI but maybe have a background in psychology or philosophy, different things like that, you can tie those two together for AI ethics, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

1. Machine Learning Engineer

So here are the #1 of this 10 technologies to learn in 2024. Coming at number one, you know it’s going to be AI related as well but not. The number one is Machine Learning Engineer.

Companies, wherever you look, are hiring for this role. You could call it, some companies, you know, are calling generative AI engineers, some machine learning, although two different, you know, not the same role specifically, but a lot of the same skill sets going into it.

Learning Opportunities

I think this is one of those things where now is better than ever if you are interested in these roles or these technologies behind these roles to start learning on your own time because the demand for them is so high.

They’re not going to necessarily, or all companies anyways, aren’t going to require very specific criteria of you needed to go to university for this and have this many experiences.

Job Opportunities

If you can show your knowledge through your skill set, you have a very good chance of getting a very high-paying job within these roles.

That is something that even though, you know, if you look back a year ago when ChatGPT was just released, I mean, it was released in November, to see how far we’ve come, how much we’ve evolved with AI. It’s not going anywhere. It’s continuing to grow very quickly, and the demand for these roles will follow as well.


All right, those are the top technologies, top roles that are going to be in demand come 2024, which is right around the corner. Start off by having a New Year’s resolution to learn one of these technologies, and that could be it, maybe a little each day.

Anyways, thank you all for reading this article. Happy Holidays to you all. Leave in the comments other technologies you think will be in demand come 2024.

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